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Corporate Headquarters

Inabyte Inc.
5 Betty Lane
Novato, CA 94947
Tel: 415-898-7905
Fax: 415-898-1652

Email: information@inabyte.com

Company Overview


Inabyte Incorporated is a rapidly growing software and professional services company based in Novato, California. Founded in 1996, Inabyte provides high-quality solutions and services for developers and endusers of PCs or workstations running on the Windows platforms. Working in one of the fastest growing segments of the personal computer market, the company’s goal is to expand its core consulting services operations as it builds an industry-leading developer tools and consumer applications software business.

The Business

Developer Products

Inabyte has a diversified line of developer tools for increasing productivity.


InaGrid is a powerful ActiveX Grid control for Visual Basic, Visual C++, and any language that supports OCX's. InaGrid is an easy-to-implement virtual/unbound grid control ideally suited for database-oriented viewers. An efficient, potent tool for developers, InaGrid enables applications to open and scroll through extremely large files or lists with lightning speed. In addition, with the capability to support well over 900 billion grid rows and 2 billion columns, InaGrid can handle the largest database files. InaGrid also has OLE drag-and-drop functionality, making it easier than ever to create and manage grids for displaying large database files. Developers have successfully employed InaGrid in industries such as finance, healthcare and chemical production.

Consulting Services

Inabyte provides a wide range of solutions for its diverse client base, including custom-written applications, original source programming, program design and architecture, porting from 16 to 32 bit C or C++, client-server systems, Industry Standards and software internationalization and Technical documentation and specification writing is also available. While primarily focussed on developing in C++, Inabyte’s staff of engineers and programmers also has broad experience with languages such as C, C++ and Assembler, and has worked extensively with scripting languages such as CGI/PERL and Java. Inabyte’s consulting division specializes in user interface design, component development and database applications, and is available to assist clients of all sizes with Windows programming needs.

Markets and Opportunities

Inabyte has built a solid reputation as one of the leading programming consultancies in the San Francisco Bay Area. From this base, the company is building an industry-leading developer tools and consumer applications software business. The developer tools software market is competitive. Yet with the increase of component-based programming, new opportunities are emerging for tools developers that have ready-to-use pre-coded components. Inabyte has developed a group of robust, debugged components that are already proven in real-world situations. In addition, the company’s consultants work closely with corporate IT directors and system managers, solving the problems that arise in corporate computing environments everyday. This ongoing collaboration with technology professionals ensures that Inabyte developers stay abreast of the issues confronting the industry, and in turn drive new developments in Inabyte’s developer tool product line.

Major Customers

Inabyte has developed close customer relationships with a growing number of major corporations in a wide range of industries, including financial services, software and the public sector. Recent customers include Mindscape and Fair Isaac.

The Inabyte Team

Inabyte maintains its corporate headquarters in Novato, California, approximately twenty-five miles north of San Francisco. The company enjoys a strong reputation in the North Bay business community, having worked with most of the region’s largest companies, including AutoDesk and Broderbund. The Inabyte management team brings together a combination of backgrounds in programming, software product development, high technology consulting and start-up management.

P Mark Hennessy – President

Prior to his appointment as President of Inabyte Inc. Mark Hennessy served as peripheral development specialist at Wordstar International, now Softkey International. Together with Charles Stevenson, the internationally recognized printer visionary, Mark worked closely with Hewlett Packard, Canon, Panasonic and many other printer manufacturers from around the world developing software drivers for Wordstar. Originally from the United Kingdom (educated at St. John's School, Leatherhead), Mr. Hennessy settled in California in 1990. Mark is well traveled and has worked with teams of programmers from all over the world. On behalf of StarPress Multimedia, now Graphic Zone, he managed a team of two dozen programmers in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Myles Cagney – CEO

A native of the Republic of Ireland, Myles Cagney came to California in 1991 as a systems developer for Wordstar. He joined the Autodesk Data Management Group in 1993, where he participated in the production of WorkCenter, a technical document management system tightly integrated with AutoCAD. He went on to serve as a senior developer and architect for the American Heritage Dictionary. Mr. Cagney graduated with honors from The University Of Dublin, Trinity College, with a degree in Engineering in 1981, and he lectured for 3 years at the University Of Limerick. He is a member of the DMA Technical committee.

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Inabyte Inc.
5 Betty Lane
Novato CA 94947
Phone: +1 415 898 7905
Fax: +1 415 898 1652